The new klettjet system

FIV presents the new KLETTJET system

KLETTJET is the new FIV system for underfloor heating and cooling systems that uses the quick-fix tear-off system to make the installer's job easier and faster.

With a simple pressure of the foot, the special tape wrapped in a spiral around the PE-Xc pipes, hooks firmly to the KLETTJET panels film, keeping the pipes firmly in position and defining a new standard for floor-drowned radiant systems with flat panels. In the event of changes to the installation, the pipe can be easily removed and reinstalled.

The Klettjet FIV system consists of:

PEXPENTA KLETT: PE-Xc pipe 16 x 2 mm

KLETTJET R: Closed cells PE panel with self-adhesive base H= 6 mm

KLETTJET EPS: EPS panel H=20 or H=30 mm.