Who we are


Since 1984, F.I.V. has been distinguished for its quality and efficiency.
The continual quest for efficient brass machining solutions, as well as the continuous growth of the manufacturing and processing departments, enabling FIV's competitiveness in existing and new markets.

The FIV brand has become synonymous with dependability and efficiency due to the values of quality and customer service.
The certifications obtained by institutes in countries where FIV distributes its products demonstrate that the company manufactures in accordance with the most demanding and significant quality and reliability standards.

The ISO 9001-certified facility manufactures ball valves, radiator valves, seals, brass fittings, multilayer pipes, and press fittings. Over time, the portfolio has grown to include underfloor heating systems, heat metering systems, and multilayer gas distribution systems. Because of its wide range of products, FIV is one of the most complete businesses in the sector.

FIV offers all of its products with the help of skilled area managers.