Automatic air vents and pressure reducers

Automatic air vents and Pressure Reducers

All the pressure reducers produced by FIV are equipped with compensated surface shutters, allowing a stable pressure on the outlet, even if the inlet pressure changes.

The maximum inlet pressure is 25 bar, and the outlet pressure can be adjusted between 1 and 6 bar. The automatic air vents and other accessories available in the FIV catalog are chosen and developed to complete the range of components for heating and potable water distribution systems.

How does the automatic filling valve work?

The automatic filling valve is designed to keep the design pressure in the heating system (closed system), even in case of leakages or pressure drops. The automatic filling valve can be adjusted using the screw on top and checking the pressure gauge value and is equipped with a check valve for backflow prevention.

How can I set the pressure value in a pressure reducer?

The outlet (reduced) pressure can be adjusted using the screw on the top of the pressure reducer. It is beneficial to install a pressure gauge measuring the reduced pressure to check in real-time the pressure adjustment.