Fivpress multilayer pipe and press fittings

FIVPress: Multilayer Pipe and Press Fittings

FIVPress system is composed of PeX/Al/PeX multilayer pipes and press fittings. FivPress system can be used in underfloor heating systems, radiator heating systems, fan-coil systems, potable water distribution systems, and compressed air distribution systems.

In addition, in some Countries, the last standards (to be verified Country by Country) allow multilayer pipe and press fittings systems FivPress Gas for domestic gas distribution.

When is it necessary to replace the dies of a press machine?

The best way is to check the steel sleeve after pressing it. If the shape is not circular, it is necessary to replace the dies.

Is PeX/Al/Pex multilayer pipe UV protected?

PeX/Al/PeX multilayer pipe is not UV protected, so it is impossible to use it under direct sunlight. Also, it is not possible to use it to make solar systems, considering that a temperature over 95 °C for long periods can damage the internal layer.

How can I check the correct operation of a press machine?

Connecting the press machine to your PC by the USB cable, it will be easy to check how many times it has been used and all the working parameters.

What is the difference between normal press fittings and LBP press fittings?

The LBP press fitting for FIV multilayer pipe has been developed to guarantee water loss in case of non-pressing, and a quick and safe pipe-fitting joint, when pressed correctly, with the radial pressing technique (compatibility with 5 different pressing profiles: TH, B, U, H, F); the pliers, specific for each diameter of the fittings, compress a stainless-steel bush that blocks the pipe on the core of the fitting. Furthermore, the LBP (Leak Before Pressed) function allows the installer to quickly identify any unpressed fittings during the system tightness test, thus avoiding possible damage.

Does the FIVGAS pipe comply with current regulations?

The FIVGAS multilayer pipe with corrugated sheath in roll is suitable for the construction of gas supply systems. It is made of composite material through a technologically advanced process with which a PE-Xb pipe (cross-linked polyethylene) is coupled to an aluminum core (minimum thickness 0.2 mm) butt welded, externally coated with a layer of PE-Xb, and connected to a corrugated polypropylene sheath.

The FIVGAS pipe has obtained certification from the prestigious KIWA Certification Body in compliance with the UNI 11344 standard. In addition, it is suitable for constructing gas supply systems according to the UNI 7129-1 and UNI 11528 standards.

Are the O-Rings used for gas press fittings the same as those used for water press fittings?

Not, they are made of a different compound. This is because the O-rings must ensure that the mechanical properties of components are compatible with the sealing requirements of the device in other operating conditions (temperature, pressure, fluid,….).

The O-Rings installed on the gas fitting are in yellow Teflon-coated NBR 70 Sh, while those for water are in EPDM peroxide 70 Sh.

The Teflon coating is used to lubricate the o-ring and recognize it with the color; this is semi-permanent, so it vanishes if it is rubbed with the fingers.