Production and distribution


Given the importance of mechanical processing on product quality and ultimate cost, the inclination is to replace machinery on a regular basis. FIV's machinery is built on cutting-edge technology, resulting in great production and outstanding quality. In addition, the setup intervals are considerably decreased. Each piece of equipment has a maintenance guide outlining maintenance times and procedures. As a result, the machinery is optimized for efficiency, eliminating any potential breakdown.

FIV maintains the 100% Made in Italy certification of the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers.

Components warehouse

The components warehouse is continuously fed to obtain a smooth flow of W.I.P. (work in process) and get the fastest turnaround times for finished products.


The majority of our items are built using specialized robotic machines. High productivity, the assurance of 100% proper inspections, and the dependability of the assembly machines all contribute to lower production costs.

Products that do not pass on robotic units will pass on "assembly islands", which are also 100% controlled.


An automatic packing line reduces and speeds up packaging times.

Shipping documents are automatically generated, as are all invoices and other documents needed for a smooth customs clearance process at the destination. 


All the products contained in our catalog are available to satisfy even the fastest customer request.

Each package and master carton carries a computer-printed label with all the information on the items contained for trouble-free control and storage in our customers' warehouse.