Controller heating manifolds

Controller: Heating manifolds

Controller manifold, installed separately or connected to a UFH mixing unit, can be used for different system configurations. For example, using this kind of heating manifold makes it possible to control the temperature of every room by installing the electrothermic actuators connected to a thermostat.

The thermostat can control the water flow in each loop, setting the distributed energy quantity. The flow meters integrated with the manifold can also adjust the water flow setting in each loop. All Controller heating manifolds are tested during the production procedure.

How can I set the pressure value in a pressure reducer?

The outlet (reduced) pressure can be adjusted using the screw on the top of the pressure reducer. It is beneficial to install a pressure gauge measuring the reduced pressure to check in real-time the pressure adjustment.

Is it possible to install any kind of electrothermic head on the valves of the heating manifold?

No, it is possible to find electrothermic heads with different threads in the market, which allows the connection to the heating manifold. So, we recommend installing just FIV electrothermic heads on FIV manifolds.

Quali vantaggi offre la valvola di bilanciamento montata prima del collettore di distribuzione?

The balancing valve is installed in heating systems to allow the correct water flow setting, which means a proper heat distribution in the heated areas. Therefore, it is essential to set the balancing valve correctly during the startup of the system.

Which is the function of the differential by-pass?

A differential by-pass also called an overpressure valve, is a valve that guarantees the chosen pressure difference between the two points of the system where it is installed. For example, it usually is possible to set the pressure difference between 0,1 and 0,5 bar.

What does “Electrothermic head normally closed” mean?

A normally closed electrothermic head (NC) is designed to stop the water flow if not connected. If the electrothermic head is equipped with a micro end switch, the end switch is opened when the electrothermic head is closed and closed when the electrothermic head is open.

How can I read the flow meter of a Controller heating manifold?

The scale of the flow meters installed on heating manifolds is in liters/minute. Therefore, the correct setting depends on the calculation of the designer, which usually is between 1,5 and 2 lt/min for standard residential applications.

Which is the maximum number of loops that can be connected to one circulator?

In a residential underfloor heating or cooling system, the length of the loops is variable, and the distance between the manifold and the circulator is too. So, the number of loops connectable to a circulator depends on circulator characteristics, the distance between heating manifold and circulator, and the number of loops.