Regolo and fivtouch thermostats and chronothermostats

Regolo and FivTouch: Thermostats and Chronothermostats

Connected to the electrothermic heads installed on the heating manifolds, thermostats and chronothermostats allow the control of the temperature of each room.

It is possible to use a manual thermostat where the temperature can be manually adjusted or a chronothermostat where it is possible to set different temperatures every 20 minutes by choosing between the comfort and the economy temperature level.

Which is the difference between a thermostat and a chronothermostat?

On a thermostat, it is possible to set one temperature. On a chronothermostat, there are two levels of temperature. With the two levels available on the chronothermostat, it is possible to reduce the temperature during the night or when nobody is at home.

My chronothermostat is showing a “batt low” icon, but the battery is still working. Is it correct?

This can happen after a long time (approx one year) with long-life batteries. To cancel the “batt low” icon, press the jolly button (Sintesi 4 model) five times, and the message will disappear. We suggest replacing the batteries to avoid problems during the heating season. If the battery doesn’t work, the system will not work.

Is it better to reduce the temperature or switch the system off during the night?

It is proved that a reduction of max 2 °C during the night allows for more energy-saving than switching the system off. The same consideration is valid for a weekend or daily working time if nobody is home.