Heat meters

Heat meters

FIV Counter is a pre-assembled kit designed to measure energy consumption and potable water consumption. FIV Counter includes a zone valve ready to be connected to a thermostat or a cronothermostat and is prepared to install a heat meter, volumetric water meters, and eventually heating distribution manifolds.

The zone valve connected to the thermostat allows each apartment to be independent of temperature control and energy consumption.

Which is the maximum number of devices connectable to a concentrator?

It depends on the concentrator model. Anyway, it is possible to connect up to 240 heat meters with volumetric water meters connected. In case of doubts, please get in touch with FIV after-sales service.

Is a wireless data transmission system available?

No, FIV heat meters are not available with a wireless data transmission system.

Is the M-Bus system better than the direct reading?

With an M-Bus system, it is possible to collect all the data in a concentrator and download them or send them by e-mail. However, in the case of direct reading, the only solution to know the consumption data is to read it on the display of each device. Considering this, the M-Bus solution is the most used.

How can I connect the zone valve to the thermostat?

The connection between the zone valve and the thermostat is effortless and is shown on a diagram printed on the valve case. In particular, 3 wires for phase, neutral and thermostat signal, 2 wires as end switch with no voltage, to be used to start a circulator or a boiler or whatever is necessary.