Motorvalv zone valves

Motorvalv: zone valves

Zone valves are the easiest solution to control the temperature of the different areas of the system. A zone valve must be connected to a thermostat or a chronothermostat, which opens or closes the valve according to the room temperature and the selected comfort temperature.

FIV zone valves are equipped with an end switch that closes when the valve is open and can be used to turn on a circulator or a boiler.

Is the end switch present in all FIV motor valves? How does it work?

Yes, all the FIV motor valves are equipped with the end switch. It is a contact that closes when the valve opens (or turns in the case of a 3-way valve), and it is typically used to activate a heat source or a pump.

How can I connect a thermostat to a zone valve?

There is a diagram showing how to wire it, printed on the case of the motor valve. Anyway, connect phase and neutral, and use the thermostat to give phase on the TA contact. When the phase is given, the valve opens.