Oasi and climatic radiator valves and thermostatic heads

Oasi and Climatic: radiator valves and thermostatic heads

Radiator valves and lockshields are used to set and stop the water flow in radiators, fan coils connected to hot or cold water distribution systems.

Radiator valves and lockshields can be connected to steel pipes, copper pipes, and Pex/Al/Pex multilayer pipes using the Monoblocco FIV patented fittings.

In addition, it is possible to upgrade the manual valve with a thermostatic valve, replacing the shutter with a thermostatic shutter.
This operation can be quickly done, and it is not necessary to drain the system.

Which is the function of the lockshield?

The lockshield allows the regulation of the water flow in each radiator and the balance of the system. It is possible to adjust it by removing the white plastic plug and setting the screw. If necessary, it is possible to stop the water flow and remove the radiator without leakages.

Which number on the thermostatic head gives a 20°C room temperature?

The temperature of 20°C corresponds to number 3, but it is essential to ensure that curtains or other objects do not stop the air circulation around the radiator.

What is a thermostatizable radiator valve?

The thermostatizable radiator valve is a very complete version, considering that it can be used as manual immediately after the installation, but removing the cap it is possible to install a thermostatic head making the valve thermostatic.

Are the Oasi radiator valves certified by a laboratory?

Yes, the Oasi thermostatic valves are certified according to EN 215, proving the quality of the product.