Fivpav underfloor heating and cooling

FIVPav: underfloor heating and cooling

The underfloor heating and cooling system is the most efficient and comfortable solution available. Considering the improvement of insulation of the new buildings and the need for a system working perfectly with low-temperature water produced by inverter heat pumps and condensing boilers, under-floor heating and cooling systems are now the most used.

The distribution of heat is uniform into the different areas, and there are no convective air circulations, being the heat transmitted by radiation.

Is it true that the underfloor heating system can move more dust than other systems?

It is not true, considering that the average floor temperature is around 25 °C, and there will be no convective air movement. Just think about a radiator at 70 °C, and the floor at 25°C: the radiator will cause a much quicker movement of air and dust.

Is it possible to install a wood parquet on top of a underfloor heating system?

Yes, it is. During the system's design, it should be considered to calculate the correct energy transferred from the floor to the living area. In case it was not considered, we recommend verifying with an engineer.

Is underfloor heating unhealthy for my feet, considering where the heat comes from?

Considering that the average floor temperature is just 25 °C, our feet have no unhealthy effect. Also, it is proved that softly warm feet are more comfortable and make blood circulation easier.

Is there a low thickness FIVPav insulating panel suitable for renovations?

FIV offers a wide range of insulating panels, including low thickness ones suitable for renovations, such as:

- the LOW-THICK panel in molded expanded polystyrene (EPS), additive with graphite, for thermal insulation, with a studded surface (pitch 100 mm, for DN 12x2 pipe), Male-Female joints, self-adhesive base, and upper rigid polystyrene film. Ideal for renovations, thanks to the small size (19 mm), combined with the latest generation fluid screeds, it allows the construction of systems with reduced thickness without sacrificing the thermal insulation guaranteed by the EPS layer.

- the smooth panel in roll KLETTJET R 6mm thick, in extruded closed-cell polyethylene with self-adhesive base, for thermal and acoustic insulation (from footstep noise), coupled to a film suitable for fixing with the tear-off system of PexPenta Klett pipes to make the installer's task easier and faster. In fact, with the simple pressure of the foot, the particular tape wound in a spiral around the cross-linked polyethylene pipes PE-Xc is firmly attached to the film of the Klettjet panels, keeping the pipes stably in position and defining a new standard for embedded radiant systems. On the floor with flat panels.

Traditional pipe fastening systems, such as clips, plastic bars, and the use of special tools are no longer necessary. The system allows the installer to operate independently and to easily modify the laying of the circuits, as the pipe can be detached and reattached several times from the panel, as with all the tear-off fastening systems that we use daily in the field of 'clothing. The film is printed with a black laying trace 5 cm pitch and self-adhesive border along the 20-meter side.